Awards of Excellence

With more than 30 years as industry leaders in residential renovations and landscaping, GBC Design + Build offers quality services in consultation, design and construction to help our clients bring their innovative ideas to life. Whether it’s a new lawn or a new add-on, our skilled team welcomes every challenge to create inspirational spaces for our customers.

Our relationships are the core of our work, and we strive to build and maintain trust and a collaborative approach with every individual client. GBC operates under the mantra that every customer is unique and therefore every project should be a one-of-a-kind creation. We maintain frequent and open communication with our clients to ensure we are delivering the best results for their unique requirements.

GBC Design + Build is a division of Gobro Con Inc., leaders in commercial construction and management within the GTA and surrounding regions. The foundation of both Gobro Con and GBC is exceptional time management and quality engineering. When you work with GBC, you can rest assured that your project will be both cost-controlled and time-efficient. Call us today to get started!

House OF Bryan


Elements of GBC Design Build:

  • + A professional approach to landscaping and home renovations
  • + Innovative, creative and open-minded design
  • + Top-quality project management and organization
  • + Frequent and open communication and consultation
  • + Cost efficiency and budget control
  • + Safety at all levels of construction
Baeumler Approved ContractorGBC Design + Build is proud to be a BAEUMLER APPROVED contractor