Create Your Oasis

To create a backyard oasis, you need more than just a pool installation. A complete backyard landscape design is essential to get the dreamy, beautiful space you’re envisioning. Here’s a peek at our backyard design process, to help you plan your oasis.

Planning Your Pool

The size, shape and colour of your pool are all important. However, most people get so excited about these features, they forget to think about what’s going around the pool. While you can add landscaping around the pool after the fact, it’s better to consider it beforehand. That way you get a unified, functional design that really looks how you want it to.

One of the best things to plan out for around your pool is a multi-level patio. Elevation changes help define your space and create the opportunity for sunbathing, entertaining, and eating. Without defined spaces, people tend to all do the same thing. By creating defined spaces, your guests can easily go from sunbathing to eating without being confined by what others are doing.

Outdoor Kitchen

One of those spaces on your multi-level patio or deck will likely be an outdoor kitchen. Of course, you’ve probably already thought up your countertop materials and your faucet style. But don’t forget to give the two key elements of an outdoor kitchen consideration: cooking and storage.

How will you cook? Stoves, grills, ovens, and fire features are all good options. Most outdoor kitchens combine two features. Consider the rustic combination of a pizza oven and a fire pit, or a more elegant combination of a convection oven and high-end grill.

Storage in your outdoor kitchen is all about preventing you from making multiple trips inside and missing the fun. The whole point of an outdoor kitchen is to be in it. So, you need cold storage for drinks and ingredients, and dry storage for plates, cups and anything else you need for entertaining.

Furnishing for Entertaining

Speaking of entertaining, you should plan your furniture ahead of time, so that you can be sure it will fit in your space and work with the overall theme you’re going for. With so many furniture options, it can be hard to know where to start. Consider these common staples to get started:

Shade options: Umbrellas, trellises, pergolas and other shade options are essential to keep your furniture comfortable.

Sunbathing: Consider several individual and waterproof chairs for this purpose.

Group seating: Outdoor couches and sofas are available in many styles. You’ll need at least one.

One-on-one seating: Consider a small table and two chairs if you want a more romantic area.

Keep a contingency in your budget, of about 15-20% so that you can adjust to changes.

Whether you have a rough design or are just starting your plan, take time to talk to the experts in the landscaping business. Contact GBC Design + Build.