How to Pick a Pool Design for Your Backyard

You want a pool that truly reflects your needs and elevates your backyard’s style and function. You would be deeply disappointed if at the end of your pool installation you ended up with a barely functional pool, that does not fit into your space or style. Asking the appropriate questions can help you achieve a beautiful and functional pool that you would be proud to show off.  

Skilled, dedicated designers know what questions to ask before building a pool,  making sure your pool design will suit your needs. Consider these questions before your pool installation.  

What is Your Yard Size and Shape? 

The first thing you should consider when building a pool is what kind of space you’re working with. If you set your heart on a size or shape of pool without considering your yard, the result is often a pool that is oversized for the space, with no room for the features that make the pool a real landscape feature 

If you have an unusually shaped or graded yard, it is especially important to keep this in mind. We can create custom pools that not only fit unusual yards but enhance their best features and create a unique space. 

What Will the Pool be Used For? 

Competitive swimmers don’t want the same things from their pool that mindfulness practitioners do (unless you happen to do both). It is important to identify all of the uses you want for your pool to make sure the design is suitable. Do you want a pool for: 

  • Aquatic sports 
  • Medical treatment 
  • Pool parties for children 
  • Pool parties for adults 
  • Home value-add 
  • Relaxing atmosphere 
  • Architectural feature 
  • Aquatic business 
  • Or some other niche use 

Which Safety Features Do You Need? 

Safety features don’t need to detract from the beauty of your pool space. If you plan for them before the design is finalized, they can be integrated more smoothly. Will you need fencing around the pool, a special type of pool cover? Or, do you have accessibility concerns for your pool? We can help plan them. 

How Will Your Pool Match Your Personal Style?  

So many other elements need to be considered to ensure that your pool matches your home and is the perfectly pleasing space for you. 

Pool features to consider include: 

  • Surrounding landscaping 
  • Plants directly in the water 
  • Pool coping material, colour and texture 
  • Connected patio, elevation and material 
  • Pathways and stairs near the pool 
  • Lighting in the pool, for safety and beauty 
  • Pool cabanas and pool houses 
  • Waterfalls and other water features 

      There are so many pool features that it’s a little overwhelming. If you are considering installing a pool in your backyard this summer, get some professional help. From building to designing, the experts at GBC Design + Build are here to help.