Maximizing Space in a Small House

Modern living room with white couch

Is your home too small for you? Sometimes we outgrow our homes, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave them. You can renovate your home to make the most of your space, making even a small home feel spacious.

What if you’re building a custom home, but it has to be small due to the constraints of your lot or the building code? Here, we have even more flexibility to make the most of your space. Learn about the design and décor choices that can make any home feel larger.

How GBC Design + Build Can Help

GBC Design + Build is, as you can tell from our name, a design and build company. That makes us uniquely positioned to help you make the most of your small home. A design and build company combines both architects and builders. By combining these two skills, we can create renovations and new homes that better reflect both your priorities for your home and your budget. Our teammates will make design and décor choices that can help maximize your small home or any small spaces within your home.

Design Choices to Maximize Space

Here are some design options we could make to help make your home feel larger:

  • Custom built-in storage: Customized storage is designed specifically for your objects, so it can maximize space. And built-ins are better for maximizing space than adding drawers and other moveable storage.
  • Windows: The more natural light in a space, the larger it will feel.
  • Open floor plans: Removing walls adds a small amount of space, but, more importantly, keeps spaces from feeling closed off.
  • Good flow: It’s hard to understand if you aren’t a home designer, but some homes have better layouts that “flow” and therefore feel larger. We can show you examples of homes with good flow that we can create.

Dreaming of having extra space in your home? Give our professionals at GBC Design + Build a call today to learn more.

large bedroom with large windows

Décor Choices to Maximize Space

The structure of the home isn’t the only thing that will help to make it feel larger. There are plenty of décor choices you can make to the same effect. This includes:

  • Mirrors: Mirrors help maximize light and help to make spaces feel larger.
  • White: There’s a reason that modern design favors white. White anything will make any space feel larger.
  • Multi-purpose furniture: Reducing furniture is wise to help conserve floor space. If you have multi-purpose furniture then you can have less of it without sacrificing function.
  • Simple materials: Materials that have too much texture can make small spaces feel cluttered. Try for smooth textures and clean lines.

Dreaming of maximizing space in your current home or in your new home? Look no further. At GBC Design and Build, we will make the entire design-build process a piece of cake! To learn more about how you can maximize space in your home, contact our professionals today.