Modern Landscape Design Explained

Modern landscape design can be stunning. Many people deeply enjoy the modern landscapes they choose for their homes. However, modern landscape design is so different from traditional forms that it can be hard to pull off. What makes landscape design modern, and how can you achieve it on your own property? Here are some ideas to get you started on your own modern landscape design.  

What is Modern Landscape Design? 

If you’re used to a British cottage garden look, modern design may seem very unusual to you. Forget the multiple colours and textures, wavy lines and undefined borders. Modern landscape design is simpler, cleaner, and repeats a handful of colours and textures, sometimes less.   

Unlike many other garden styles, modern landscape design relies more on materials than on plants. Expect to see the same material repeated frequently too. So, you might have a concrete patio, concrete steps, and concrete water features. Warmer looks can be achieved by using interlocking or wood. 

Modern landscape design does use plants, of course. However, the plants tend to be more symmetrical in their growing pattern and are kept neatly trimmed. There is more space between each plant, often with mulch to suppress weeds. Plants that grow in straight lines or clear geometrical shapes are preferred. 

You may also find that modern gardens do not have much colour. In general, they tend to have mostly shades of green. You may find one or two colours are repeated in the plants in the garden. Choosing one colour to pair with green, especially white or yellow, makes for a very beautiful garden, where the individual textures of the plants can play a bigger role than the colour. 

Modern Landscape Design Ideas 

Here are several modern landscape design ideas, built around a focal element or style: 

  • Geometrical furniture: It’s a popular idea to choose very geometrical furniture, with a distinct shape, and repeat that shape through the garden. If you choose square seating, also have square stones for your path, a square water feature, and shrubs cut into squares. 
  • Succulents: These plants are very popular and work well in modern landscapes. They require little maintenance and come in several shades of green, with interesting textures. Pair them with rock gardens. 
  • Grass walls: Tall ornamental grasses are perfect for modern landscapes where their straight profile works well. Plant tufts of ornamental grass against walls and trellises. Try to add other vertical elements to help the design come together. 
  • Steps: To make the most of small gardens and add a sense of height, many designers add steps to the edges of gardens, planting each layer with similar, lush plants. This helps define the space too. 

Looking for more landscape ideas? Look through our gallery to find more inspiration. If you get overwhelmed, don’t worry. A modern landscape design does not have to be hard to achieve! The experts at GBC Design + Build can fashion your garden to match your style. Contact us today.