Open Air Backyard Patio Ideas

Backyards today have become idyllic retreats creating beautiful surroundings for you to enjoy. New trends in open-air features help add that “oasis” feel to everyday patios by extending your indoor living space, outdoors. Here are some trending open-air backyard patio ideas to make the most of your summer. 

Shelter from the Sun 

Freestanding structures have become prominent features in today’s backyards. No longer do people want the “gazebotent” to provide shelter from the sun. Instead, people are building permanent structures using weather-resistant decking. Not only do these structures create an architectural feature that adds to the appearance of your garden or pool. They also offer shelter from the cold with the addition of a patio heater. Popular choices include: 

  • Pergolas: Posts or columns support a trellis above that adds diffused light to your seating area. Pergolas are ideal for vines that can climb the columns and create more shade as well as a charming garden feature. 
  • Gazebos: The gazebo is the ultimate shade provider and also offers protection from the rain. They are whimsical while adding a sense of historic charm to your garden. Gazebos are durable when built with composite decking, creating the perfect spot for lazing or dining al fresco. 
  • Patio Covers: The retractable awning has seen better days, making way for their permanent cousin, the patio cover. Attached to your home, they offer a solid roof to provide shade and shelter from the rain. They also have the added benefit of keeping your home cooler for south-facing windows. Add some outdoor patio lights and stay up until the wee hours of the morning. 

Garden Structures 

Common in the English garden, structures create focal points and can be used to showcase your prize roses and other climbing plants. Some charming options include: 

  • Trellis: The trellis can be designed to create privacy, add a charming entry into your yard, or direct people to special areas such as a private seating area. They can be designed as an arch or using more modern angles. A trellis can even be built with benches for a romantic spot to sit. 
  • Arbor: An arbor is like the child of a pergola and trellis. They are smaller and create a focal point. They can be made of various materials including metals and are used to support climbing plants. 
  • Greenhouses: For the true gardener, the greenhouse is an unexpected backyard feature that serves both form and function. They can be designed using many different materials including glass and steel, or wood and rigid plastic. 
  • Add some patio string lights to garden structures to create ambiance and a sense of magic to your garden.

Outdoor Kitchens 

For the avid cook and host, the outdoor kitchen extends your living space substantially. Some of the hottest features for outdoor kitchens include: 

  • BBQ island/cooking station: This isn’t your father’s mini grill. Instead, today’s outdoor cooking stations feature state of the art grills, outdoor pizza ovens, Indian Tandoors, smokers and more. 
  • Top-notch appliances: No running back and forth from your indoor kitchen to your barbecue. Instead, your outdoor kitchen features top-notch appliances including a fridge, wine fridge, and microwave. 
  • Outdoor kitchen island/bar: An island or bar complete with marble top, sink, seating and outdoor cabinets allows you to entertain in style. 
  • Protection from the elements: You’ll want to cook rain or shine, so a roof is a must for your outdoor kitchen. Other features include outdoor patio heaters or fireplaces to get more use all year round. 

There are open-air backyard patio ideas to suit any budget. If you are ready to discuss your ideas, contact GBC DESIGN & BUILD to begin planning your spring projects. We offer design and installation services to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.